Mentoring Network for
Professional Software Developers

What do we do?

We help Software Developers accelerate their career growth and build their perfect lifestyle!

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Unique structured approach
Use a mix of Engineering, Coaching and Psychology to design and build a sustainable lifestyle and a faster career growth
Basic Knowledge and Tools
Learn basics of career and lifestyle optimizations and skip hours of googling and figuring out what works and what isn't!
Experiments and Challenges
Apply your skills and knowledge in your own unique context and validate personal hypothesis to challenge your limiting beliefs.
Discuss Progress and get Feedback
Discuss your progress with developers like you and figure out what you may be missing. Get feedback from mentors who can pinpoint your blind spots.
Intense Training
Take part in an intense focused training with a group of people to stay motivated and committed and overcome most challenging blockers!
Learn and Grow
Life/Work Balance
  • Prevent burnouts
  • Find more free time
  • Discover your internal motivation
  • Learn secrets of Engineering, Marketing and Business
  • Figure out how to make more money in Tech
  • Learn how to improve your Expertise
  • Get unstuck in your Professional Growth
  • Find the missing Next Step
Useful Tools
  • Job Search Matrix
  • Morning Routine Builder
  • Skills & Knowledge Dashboard
  • Upgrade your Mindset
  • Get Fundamental Knowledge
  • Learn professional Secrets
  • Figure out how to learn efficiently
  • Create useful Habits
  • Apply JIT and Lifetime Learning

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100$ / month
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  • Get access to network of Pro Developers!
  • Get intense group coaching from MTDV Mentors!
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