5 Steps to Develop New Habits To Stick

Have you been setting goals, but you fail to achieve them?

The trick to successfully achieving your goals is based on the small new habits you build. Step by step, new habits will help you become a successful software engineer and attain your set career goals.

It's easier said than done!

Building new habits, especially career growth habits, is not easy and it doesn't matter if you are good software developer with lots of experience or just starting your career.

Healthline Magazine research suggests, it can take about 21 days to build a new habit and 66 days to make automatic.

Another study by USAID/WASHplus Project - The Science of Habit describes process of attaining new habit as gaining reflex behaviour that is triggered by automatically by familiar cues in a routine context.

As bottomline you will need lot of commitment, whether you want to code daily to become better software engineer or finally build a habit of going to gym.

For most people, this is too demanding, eventually they will fail and find themselves demotivated.

But if you succeed - skill to build new habits will stay with you for long time.
Do you want to develop efficient work habits to become more productive as software engineer or you want to start reading? We pretty sure you will nail it!

Here we prepared simple concrete steps to start building new career growth habits:

5 Simple Steps to Building a New Habit

The processes of building a habit is a long one; however, we have simplified it into 5 simple steps that you can follow to build new habit and get immediate results.

1. Have Individual Focus on One New Habit

Multitasking is bad. Same applies for building new habits.

What makes us be unsuccessful in building new habits is focusing on several aspects of our lives.
This scatters our willpower and causes us to lose focus on what we want to achieve.

The best thing is to dive deep into your new habit, get as much information about it as you can,
and let your willpower to focus on building one habit at the the time.

2. Be Committed and Set Goals

Give yourselves a fixed timeline in order to stay committed to acquiring a new habit. You can give yourself 30 days and during this time, focus on consistently building the new habit.

3. Tie the New Habit to an Already Existing One

This will give you the motivation since you have already succeeded in building an existing habit.

For example, as a developer, you may already build a habit of reading couple of articles every week. Why not tie a habit of making 10 push-ups right after you are done with learning?

4. Have Proper Planning

Building new habit needs proper planning, it's like running marathon built of multiple simple steps.
If you hit the wall and you are ready to give up - just stick to the plan and keep rolling. Having well-thought plan in advance will give you direction and support the moment you need it the most.

5. Reward Yourself

When you achieve important milestones in the processes of building a new habit, it is good to reward yourself to keep the motivation going. It can be something small a candy or trinket - for your it's a symbol of an achievement, sign that you are able to make progress and achieve even more.


It's not impossible to build new habits and make them stick, but it requires steady work, proper planning and lots of willpower.

Talking from experience - it's not always easy journey, sometimes you may need a bit of help.
We welcome people who want to improve at Metadevelopment and help software engineers grow, build new habits and become more aware of modern IT industry.
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