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Imagine you can get clarity of what you want and what you need to control your career and lifestyle.

Imagine you have a group of supportive people having the same drive for reaching their dreams.

Imagine you can stop worrying whether you are good enough and learn how to improve with a steady pace.

Our goal at Metadevelopment is to create an environment like that: where you can learn how to control your career and lifestyle, get support and help others.

Traditional education does not focus on practices to help you as an individual succeed throughout your life.
We do.
Here is what we offer
Unique articles on Patreon
We discuss topics you don't usually discuss in your office and on conferences.

Learn secrets of career and lifestyle optimizations and skip hours of googling and figuring out what works and what isn't!

Slack-based global community

We've built a supportive and open-minded community of professional Software Developers where they share first-hand experience and secrets.

Our mentors take active part in all discussions and answer all questions.

Practical tools

We find, evaluate and create resources so that you can find the right answers for your problems with the least time and effort.

Access a list of hand-picked mind-changing books, videos and tools highlighting the essentials and secrets of our craft.

We've been doing it for years already and we are constantly evaluating and updating our resources to bring you even more value!

Webinars and Talks

We get together to discuss what we've learned and dive deeper into the problem areas on live webinars.

The recordings are available so that you can view them on demand.
Add a professional learning environment to your toolset!
Get knowledge you can't easily find.
Don't waste time on figuring what is important. Get access to hand-picked nuggets of wisdom. Take easy first steps to get quick wins.
Learn insights and life hacks from industry professionals like you.
Learn what you may be missing and what you can improve in your lifestyle and career as a software developer.
We experiment with and verify all the strategies we share!
Meet like-minded people and build your network.
Join the online community created by software developers for software developers, specifically designed for mutual support and growth.
We openly share our successes and failures to help each other.
Start growing sustainably!
Create your personal system of long-term steady improvements.
Get honest feedback and diverse perspectives on what you are doing.
Suitable for every level!
Novice Developer
  • Jump-start your career. Access hand-picked recommendations.
  • Get feedback and advice. Experienced colleagues will always help.
  • Skip most frustrating mistakes. Learn basics you need to know.
  • Grow efficiently. Do not waste time on useless stuff.
Professional Developer
  • Increase your impact. Learn how to be more efficient.
  • Stop wasting time on hype. Get access to verified resources.
  • Figure out your next career step. Make it happen sooner.
  • Define your professional value. Negotiate your compensation.
Senior Developer
  • Overcome a "glass ceiling". Learn what skills you may be lacking.
  • Figure out your unique positioning. Define your expert area.
  • Design your work-life balance. Stay efficient without overtimes.
  • Share your knowledge. Help others to become better.
  • Meet great developers. Create a team for your dream projects.
  • Get insights into technologies. Learn from the best.
  • Tap into critical thinking and rationality. Get feedback on ideas.
  • Build connections. Get in touch with world-class experts
Get support with your career and improve your work/life balance!
Lead Frontend developer at
@mtdvio community really helps developers to become better and happier. Here is my story:
Anonymous member
Holy cow. Today I got 2 job offers (third one's on the way), with salary that x4 from what I had 1.5 years ago. MTDV mindset FTW!
Anonymous member
Became more organised with all study and work I do. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I am mentoring a person to become a front-end developer outside the work. I am meeting new people. And I still talk to my girlfriend every day...
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