Lifetime Education done right!
Our Goal
We want to give every Software Developer superpowers beyond technologies to help them control their life and career!

We focus on actionable advice and strategies that work across companies.
Imagine you can get clarity of what you want and what you need to control your career and lifestyle.

Imagine you have a group of supportive people having the same drive for reaching their dreams.

Imagine you can stop worrying whether you are good enough and learn how to improve what you really want with a steady pace.

Our goal at Metadevelopment is to create an environment like that: where you can learn how to control your career and lifestyle, get support and help others.

Traditional education does not focus on practices to help you as an individual succeed throughout your life.
We do.
Career Support
Beyond Technologies
Design your own growth system!

We focus on things beyond technologies to help you get more control over your life.
Install Minimal Viable Habits!

Use our filtered resources and tools to install several habits: efficient learning, distributed cognition, planning and prioritization, experimentation, taking care of yourself.

You can do it on your own or take part in our Quests.
Explore the world beyond technologies!

You know how important technologies and hard skills are. We will show you things you may be missing or neglecting.

Learn flexible and transferable skill like self-management, productive communications, market intelligence, salary negotiations, CV and interview hacking and more.
Learn from other people experience!

Stop learning alone on your own mistakes.
Join the community of like-minded people and learn from their stories. Share you valuable experience with others!

We will support you and help you maintain your commitments and motivation.
Build your own system.

Get clarity of what you want to do with your life and career. Develop your own system and a personal growth plan. Apply what you've learned systematically.

We will help you make first steps and will provide all missing building blocks.
Here is what we offer
Skill training

Community in Slack
Code of Conduct
Live events (webinars, chats)
Personal Coaching
2 one-hour long sessions a month
2 months money-back guarantee!
Try it out and see what we are doing and whether this is something for you.

If you don't like it for any reason - we will just give your money back.

Be one of our first 100 Early-Bird adopters and get a 50% lifetime discount!
Get the access to the community just for $10/month