Code of Conduct

We value diversity of people and opinions.

We strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment.

We want everyone to feel comfortable about Metadevelopment.
Our Guidelines
Share Mindfully
If you find something valuable to spend our time and attention, please, pay forward: share the thing with your short personal description of why this is worth sharing.

We value personal insights. It helps to understand and know each other better and stay up-to-date with what info is useful for everyone.
Focus on
& Actionable Content
We strive to have the content which either provokes some actions or changes the way we see the world.

Ask yourself "What did I get by consuming this?" and share your insights.

The question "Why" is a cornerstone of the community. You will hear it a lot.
Don't Be Afraid Of Being Vulnerable
This community is not only about information, but also about mutual help.

We strive to help each other become better in all aspects of life.

Remember: we all are humans, we all can help to cope with troubles and learn something new.
Share Successes and Failures!
Do not be afraid to share your successes, mistakes, failures or misfortunes. Combined with your personal interpretation and context, those bits provide invaluable source of knowledge!

We have special channels exactly for this purpose: sharing your accomplishments and learning bits!
Be Nice To Each Other
Being nice is not only healthy for the Community, but also a great way to practice your gratitude and empathy.
And gratitude is an essential part of being happy.

If you need a definition of "nice", please refer to Berlin Code of Conduct:
Be Proactive
If you need a new channel - do not hesitate to ask.

If you have questions - ask it directly anytime.

If you have written a blogpost or need some retweets - let us know!

If you are looking for help or mentoring - just mention it.
Give Honest Feedback
We are here to make each other better and stronger.

If you have noticed some strange behavior or reasoning, do not hesitate to give a feedback to the author.

Bear in mind: it's best to do it in a private conversation first. On the other hand: do not get offended by the sudden feedback you've got. The intent is surely positive.