What do we create?

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Morning Routine Builder

A set of practices you can use to design your morning routine for a better start of the day.
Mood Analysis Tool

A tool to analyse your own mood for depression, burnout and basic cognitive distortions.
Self Analysis Tool

A set of surveys and questions to dive into your own personality, wishes, career aspirations.
Time Audit Sheet

A sheet to track your time management habits.
Job Search Matrix

A tool for tracking the job search process, specify your unique positioning and negotiation arguments.

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MTDV Achievements

A basis growth plan for T-Shaped software developer.

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Skills & Knowledge Matrix

A structured model for skill acquisition for various levels of software developers with linked resources.
Breakable Toys

A list of pet projects (with specific features) you can create to ramp up your coding and design skills.

A list of resources every programmer should know and check out at least once!

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Going to Production

A checklist of things you need to be aware of before you ship your project.

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Russian-speaking Tech Chats

A list of technology-oriented chats where people speak Russian.

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MTDV Mindset

A list of books, videos and articles to help you form engineering mindset and rational approach to life.
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Foundation Course

(In development)

An introduction to our methodology and basic tools for time control and goal setting.

Covered topics:
- The Miracle Hour practice
- Lack of Time
- Time Audit & Digital Detox
- Noting & Journaling
- Basic Task Management
- Who am I?
- 3 questions on Wants
- Ask & Tell
- Getting out of Comfort Zone
- What do you really want?
- Essentialism
Personal Efficiency Course

(In development)

A set of practices and routines to design your own sustainable lifestyle.

Covered topics:
- Mini Habits
- Morning Routine and Stacking
- Sleep optimization
- Nutrition
- Learned Optimism
- Meditation
- Resting and Hobbies
- Exercising
- Happiness
- Stoicism
Professional Efficiency Course

(In development)

This course will teach you what you need to know to optimize your working life.

Covered topics:
- Deep Work
- Structured Work
- Pomodoro
- Motivation
- Soft Skills in Engineering
- JIT Learning
- Capitals & Smart Time Investing
- Advanced Task Management
- Feedback & Perspective
- Difficult Conversations
- Influence
Career Control Course

(In development)

A dive into advanced career control practices.

Covered topics:
- Software Industry Basics
- What Value do you create?
- Market Intelligence
- Personal Pitch & Positioning
- CV Hacks
- Interviewing Hacks
- Networking & Communities
- Company Intelligence
- Achievements & Impact
- Salary Negotiations
- Specialization