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How do I find time for all my ideas?
Lack of time is one of the basic problems we all have faced. There are many reasons for this problem to appear, but the most widespread are vague priorities and lack of explicit time management.
Why do I have no energy after work?
Lack of energy is something people start experiencing once in a while. You need to start taking care of yourself, settle your exercising routing, debug your nutrition and pay attention to your emotional hygiene.
What is important in my career?
Your career is a significant part of your life. You should think about your career as a project explicitly and account for your career capital. Do not optimize just for money or for learning. Design a better system of your professional growth that will fit into your life's mission.
How do I prove that I am "a real Developer"?
We all have been told "you are not a real developer!" at least once in our life. Impostor Syndrome is, unfortunately, something we are familiar with. If you earn money by writing code - you are a professional programmer already! If you really want to prove something for yourself, we will give you a set of balanced metrics and frameworks to assess your own progress!
What should I do with my life?
There are no predefined answers for this question. You need to dive into self-knowledge and self-analysis and experiment a lot to figure out what you want to do with your life. You can change your approach to growth and answer this question if you adopt a Growth Mindset and create a personal experimentation system.
Is Tech Industry really as bad as I have seen so far?
All contexts are different. Our brain tend to generalize our experience as soon as possible. Start talking to people from different backgrounds, countries and companies to learn about the diversity of our field. All those bits of information will help your start changing your circumstances!

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@mtdvio community really helps developers to become better and happier. Here is my story:
Anonymous member
Holy cow. Today I got 2 job offers (third one's on the way), with salary that x4 from what I had 1.5 years ago. MTDV mindset FTW!
Anonymous member
Became more organised with all study and work I do. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I am mentoring a person to become a front-end developer outside the work. I am meeting new people. And I still talk to my girlfriend every day...
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